Know your onions

Onion Storage

Onions are commonly used in Indian Cookery and frequently need to be chopped or sliced thinly. It is a good idea to do more than you need as you can store chopped or sliced onions in plastic containers either in the fridge or freezer.

red onion


Cooking with Garlic

Today, Chef Bablu has given us a handy tip on cooking with garlic, a vital ingredient in cooking.

This tip gives us help with how to make a garlic clove easier to manage, especially with peeling.

“Garlic is something you will use lots of in your Indian cooking and some varieties are very hard to peel. We usually split the bulb into cloves and give it a short blast in the microwave on high”, he says, “You can also soak it for a minute in boiling water. After this it will be very easy to peel.”

Garlic (image source:

Storing ingredients

Our Head Chef Bablu Roderick is happy to give out some useful information to all so that you don’t have any kitchen disasters!

Today, he has given us sound advice on the storage of the ingredients used in Indian food.

“Coriander leaves are expensive and not always easy to buy; they soon go soggy in a plastic bag”, he states. He has provided a tip for longevity of the coriander, “The best way to store any you are not using straight away is in a paper bag in the fridge.”

Coriander ( picture source: wikipedia)

Coriander ( picture source: wikipedia)

He has also given advice on storing spices, a product that you must be careful with!

“Many spices used in Indian cookery will stain your plastic containers if you are storing leftovers”, he says, “This can be prevented if you oil the container lightly before storing sauces and pastes.”

We hope that these handy hints and tips can be of use to you in your kitchen!